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Meadow Launches Amidst Period of Dramatic Growth in Community Solar

“We couldn’t be more proud of our work these past few years, now providing over 20,000 New York residents and their communities with local renewable power," states Meadow CEO Rich Winter.

And with these words, a new community solar company is born.

Meadow Launches As Community Solar Market Explodes in U.S.

Meadow, the new consumer-facing entity formerly known as Delaware River Solar (DRS), retains its current Upstate New York base with no changes in either the firm's operations or staff. This as the company sharpens its focus on championing the renewable energy consumer with a gold-standard customer experience and easy access to community solar.

“From our earliest days, we have championed our customers," states Meadow Customer Support Manager Cat Scott. "They are the reason we do what we do and they alone are the key to our success.”

Having developed their company into New York's leading community solar provider, the founders of Delaware River Solar launch Meadow, their new dedicated customer acquisition and management platform.

This amidst a period of dramatic industry growth and a renewed dedication to easy consumer access to clean, local energy and guaranteed savings in New York State and across the U.S.

"With this rebrand of our customer platform comes a recommitment to the top-notch customer engagement and renewable energy choice we provide our customers and communities each and every day,” states Winter.

Customers formerly served by DRS are now seamlessly served by Meadow and its legacy staff.

Delaware River Solar Retains Development, Finance, and Construction Functions

The entity known as DRS retains its function in the development, finance, and construction of community solar farms, a business in which it has extensive experience.

Community solar farm ribbon cutting
Meadow founder Rich Winter joins New York Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul as she cuts the ribbon on 17B Community Solar Farm in Bethel NY, July 13, 2021. Photo: Meadow

Since its inception in 2016, DRS has completed 75 community solar projects totaling 300 MW of capacity. An additional 80 MW are scheduled for construction in 2023 alone, leveraging a small team of industry-leading professionals. This as the company expands into new community solar markets across the U.S.

By the first quarter of 2023, DRS was managing 200 MW of community solar projects, enough renewable energy to power its over 20,000 residential, commercial, and municipal electric customers.

Community Solar Grows Dramatically Across the U.S., Spurred by New York's Success

Advertisement for community solar in California.
California governor Gavin Newsom advertises the state's community solar bill in 2022.

States such as New York, California, Illinois, Maine, Michigan, New Jersey, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, among others, are at various stages of community solar program development. Meadow is uniquely positioned to serve these markets now and over the coming years, as community solar continues to be the fastest growing segment in renewable energy.

“New York leads the nation in community solar growth. We were there from the very start and we are proud to have contributed to this remarkable growth,” states Green.

“Now, as Meadow moves into new markets, we are guided by our success founded on an exceptional customer experience. As we develop opportunities for clean, renewable energy for our future customers, our new energy partners, and in new communities; we recommit to our core principle of a quality consumer experience. We recommit to championing our customer, their home, and the community.”

Arial view of Sackett Community Solar Farm in Monticello, New York.
Sackett Community Solar Farm in Monticello, New York is managed by Meadow. Photo: Nimble Dragon Studios/Meadow

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