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Meadow Community Solar

Community solar farms - the name fits. These projects are sited on local land, developed and built in local towns, use local labor, provide distributed generation to the local grid, and provide monetary savings to local residents and businesses. We value that, and we aim to keep the spirit of 'community' in community solar by providing the best possible customer service to our customers and by giving back to and participating in the local communities that make this program possible.

Community Solar is a win, win, win for:

  • Customers via guaranteed monetary savings through the easiest and most accessible way to go solar.

  • The local environment via clean renewable electricity generation that also brings resiliency to the power grid.

  • Local municipalities via tax revenue through sustainable infrastructure growth.

Meadow and its development partner, Delaware River Solar,  have been developing and managing community solar farms since 2015, and we think community solar has a bright future ahead as the best option for customers that cannot or choose not to install or maintain solar equipment on their own roof or property.

Local Power, Guaranteed Savings.

Our Team

We Know Community Solar

The Meadow team is focused on providing the highest level of customer service and customer experience. We do this by being the go-to experts in the community solar markets we work in and through data analytics, which allows us to maximize the benefits of each customer's community solar subscription.

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