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Subscribe to a local solar farm and save money on your electric bill.

Local Power, Guaranteed Savings

We provide real savings to your wallet and the environment.

Yearly $ Savings to Our Customers

$2.1 Million Dollars

Direct cost savings to our customers over the last 12 months. Customers save on every electric bill.

Yearly CO2 Offset from our Solar Farms

379 Million Pounds

49 solar farms generate 237 million kWh per year; enough clean energy to avoid 185 million lbs of coal burned per year.

Active Community Receiving Benefits

20,500+ Customers

Our customers include homeowners, renters, main street businesses, farmers, non-profits, corporations, & municipalities.


How Much Can You Save?

Pick your monthly electric bill to see your estimated monetary and environmental impact.


savings per month


lbs of CO2 avoided per year*


savings per 


gallons of gas consumed per year*


savings over project lifetime (25 yrs)


lbs of coal burned per year*

Community solar expands access to customers who cannot site solar on their own property. Well-sited, carefully planned community solar projects deliver lower costs to consumers and make clean, renewable energy accessible to everyone.


Heather Brown

Sullivan County Office of Sustainability

Schedule a 15 Minute Chat with Meadow

We can walk you through the community solar program, review your electric account, and answer any questions.

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